A QDI Company: Delivering Excellence

Not every company can trace its beginnings back over 100 years, but Quality Carriers can. We have been in the business of transporting goods and materials since 1913, when our founder, B. F. Leaman, started this company with a single Pierce Arrow truck delivering lime and milk around Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. From that time up to today, Quality Carriers has built a reputation for safety, honesty, quality, reliability and industry expertise by capitalizing on the opportunities to serve some of the world’s best and biggest companies. Working with industry leaders like Dow Chemical Company, Shell, Procter & Gamble, E.I. Dupont, and PPG Industries provides ample opportunity to prove the strength and merits of our company’s services, as well as the quality of our employees, especially our drivers.

As a member of Quality Distribution family of companies, we operate the largest bulk tank trucking fleet- over 2,500 trucks and 6,400 trailers- in North America. Our sheer size means that Quality Carriers can meet almost any customer requirements, as well as any surge in demand, even over extended periods of time. A network of more than 100 company-owned and affiliate terminals and facilities in key locations throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico provide the all-important support for our drivers. As a company, we practice a policy of open communications with our drivers. Working together in a dynamic corporate culture that focuses on building a strong team, we all strive toward one goal: To be the industry leader in both road safety and quality services. To that end, we invest heavily in driver training and in developing the most rigorous safety protocols found anywhere.

Beyond that, we work diligently toward enriching our communities by building an economically strong and stable company that enjoys sustainable success. This in turn enables us to create jobs, participate with local vendors and provide vital support for the neighborhoods in which we work and live. In the end, though, our key task is this: Creating a dynamic working environment for the people who haul our freight. After all, the success of our company is predicated on the success of the people we believe are the very best in our industry: Our Quality Carriers drivers.

Our Mission: Delivering Excellence

At Quality Carriers, our mission is to establish and maintain a position of leadership in our industry by providing our valued customers with safe and on-time delivery of customer goods and materials every time. At the same time, as a company, we strive to maintain the industry’s best on-road record for driver safety. To fulfill this mission, every Quality Carriers employee commits to providing our drivers with the very best network of support possible. Our corporate culture is one that fosters an environment encouraging open communication with drivers while maintaining a company-wide focus on safety and quality.

As a member of the Quality Distribution family of companies, we support its mission to maintain its place as the industry’s leader in bulk transportation and all the related world-class services we provide to our valued customers. We do our part by ensuring that our drivers are well trained, our equipment is well maintained and our customers are delighted by the quality of our people and our services. Safety, quality, reliability and dependability are the watchwords of our day-to-day activities and we demonstrate excellence and expertise in every task entrusted to us by our valued customers. We conduct every client engagement with integrity, adhering to the highest ethical standards. We never sacrifice safety or quality for the sake of profits.

Our Locations

With over 100 locations in the Quality Carriers North America network, our drivers and customers benefit from the support provided by the very best team in the industry. With over 100 years of expertise in delivering excellence to our respected customers, we provide our drivers with the training and tools to ensure they perform their duties in that same excellent manner.

With a network spanning the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and with our terminals established at key locations, our drivers know that any assistance they may require while on the road is simply a phone call away and within easy driving distance.

Its All About The Driver

Our most important company asset is our employees and at Quality Carriers we believe in putting them first. We are proud to honor all professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment in tackling one of our economy’s most demanding and important jobs.

What does it mean to be the Leader?

Quality Carriers believes that true leaders are defined by one quality. They are relentless. As the leaders of this company, you have our pledge that we will always be relentless in our commitment to…

The safety of our customers, the public and most importantly, you, our professional drivers. We do this through:

  • Demonstrating a daily focus on safety first, because it is more than a slogan; It’s Who We Are.
  • Driver Safety Recognition Programs that honor our Drivers Monthly, Quarterly and Annually.
  • The welfare of our drivers and their families. This means that, in this area, we are relentless in providing…
  • Opportunities to maximize your earnings so that you, and those you love, can afford those things that are most important to you.
  • Flexible Home Time options that help ensure you are home when you need to be home.
  • Choices in the type of freight you want to haul; whether that’s local, regional or longhaul.
  • Access to the largest and most stable customer base in the bulk industry.
  • Assignments that help make your hours, days and weeks on the road, and away from home, more predictable and manageable.
  • Access to the largest bulk network in North America. This means that wherever you want to go in terms of your career and earnings, Quality Carriers can get you there.
  • Our family-owned Affiliates, where personal relationships are built with the owners of our business.

Of course, leading relentlessly, means little without an accompanying commitment to treating our drivers with the respect they deserve. After all, when you are out on road, you are the very public face of this company. How can we ask you to respect our good corporate name and long-standing good reputation unless we show you respect first? We show you respect in several ways, but let me highlight one that is as important to us as I am sure it is to you.

We show you our respect by offering you a Quality Career, where your skills and talents are rewarded with the earnings you deserve.
At Quality Carriers, our interest lies in helping you maximize your earnings potential. We do our part by providing you with…

  • Industry leading compensation
  • Nationwide Network of terminals – Significant reload opportunities
  • Owner Operator $5,000 Bonus
  • Fuel Stabilization – Fixed cost on fuel expense
  • Referral Bonus of $1,500 – unlimited opportunity (add driver testimonial top earner)
  • Safety Bonuses – Clean inspection (Roadside Inspection)
  • Nationwide Discount programs (e.g. Tires, Fuel)

Quality Carriers: Services

Quality Carriers offers its valued customers a full array of logistical Services, including Intermodal and Bulk transport, Transload, Logistics and more. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is shown in our ability to help our customers manage their supply chain and inventory levels in the most efficient manner whether services are planned out weeks in advance or an emergency arises requiring immediate assistance. We offer planning and scheduling services to ensure the right team handles your products, and that routes are planned and resources committed to ensure the fastest delivery possible. Our extensive North American network features more than 100 terminals in strategic locations across North America.

As a company, we are committed to ensuring the safety of every customer load. Our rigorous carrier safety program helps ensure minimal disruption of deliveries due to accident. In fact, many loads have moved both 100% accident free and 99.9% cargo claim free. Our customers include many of the most respected corporations on the planet, with recognizable names such as Shell, DuPont, PPG, Procter & Gamble, Dow, Arclin, Ashland, Honeywell and Unilever.

As the industry’s leader, we enjoy a strong market position. This, coupled with more than 100 years of experience in delivering excellence in customer service and satisfaction, help make Quality Carriers the preferred choice for chemical companies throughout North America.


Our Address:

Quality Carriers Inc, 1190 South Service Road West, Oakville, ON L6L 5T7, Canada


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